All Peoria Notre Dame High School computer usage policies remain in effect.

Stay on Task
If you are off-task during a class period, we will tell you to put your keyboard and computer away. Refusal to comply immediately will result in loss of participation or project points and of technology use privileges in our class for a specified time, at our discretion.

“off-task” includes:
Social Networking Sites (Facebook, etc.)
Web surfing
Work for other classes
You Tube, etc., unrelated to the assignment at hand
Any behavior unrelated to the assignment at hand

Repeated off-task computer/midi keyboard use will result in a referral to the Dean and/or a call to parent/guardian.

If I see you click off of a screen as we approach you in an obvious attempt to conceal off-task computer usage, I will ask you to put away your computer for the rest of the class period. You will lose participation/project points for that day.

Technology Issues:
You are to follow the Peoria Notre Dame Acceptable Use Policy for computers. This includes reporting computer problems immediately, as directed in the Policy.