GarageBand class @ Guitar Center:

GarageBand class—

PreSonus AudioBox—to control mics, monitors, live inst., elec. Guitar, etc.
For elec. Guitar, you need a preamp

Track—enable multi-track recording—shows the record option for an individual track.
Track—show track lock—enables you to lock a track so it can’t be changed.

Midi in-out—allows you to take any device that has midi (like keyboards) and bring it into the computer. This is for non-usb instruments (keyboards). You need an audio box for this. USB keyboards don’t need the audio box.

Piano roll view—you can change one note, or a group of notes, to another instrument. You can also turn down the volume of a single note or group of notes.

When recording piano, go to control/snap to grid—turn it off, and the rhythmic touchiness will stop.

Compression=automatic volume control

If you can hear an effect being used, it’s probably too much.

Chorus or reverb can take a dry-sounding track and make it sound more realistic.

Gain staging—each stage of signal flow requires adjustment to the gain.
Example: on the guitar, then on the signal (audio) box, then in GarageBand. EQ and compression controls can tweak distortion.

Adjust the gain on the software track by looking at the two “line” tracks on the right side of the instrument bar (above the volume control).